Update Archive


1/7/2019:  Rejections are coming in slowly, and I just keep sending things back out. Biggest news is that I finally got a new desk chair for my home office, so I am set to dig back in now that the holidays (and a week of being sick) are behind me. No major updates to the website or progress on the novel, but they will happen. Looking forward to a good year!


9/5/2018:  I’ve started submitting my work to literary journals for consideration again after a two year hiatus. It feels good to get back out there. The River Pretty Writers Retreat is just a few weeks away, and I’m registered and ready to go. No major updates to the website or progress on the novel. I have been seriously looking at low-residencyMFA programs again, with an eye toward starting in January 2020.

7/11/2018:  Writing on the book slowed slightly in June, largely due to the heat. Hard to write in my preferred place (front porch) when it’s 100 degrees, even with a fan! Still making progress, though. It should pick up after the current chapter is complete, plot-wise. I also started a non-fiction piece. Not sure if I’ll finish it. The website is still unfinished — I got sidetracked with work, yardwork, and finally getting my vinyl collection organized (but not quite done yet).

6/12/2018:  I’ve completely overhauled the website, and pleased with how it turned out. There are a few things on the interest and publications pages under construction. In non-website news, writing is still moving on, albeit a little slower than before. I’ve passed the 20,000 word mark though, and I’m fairly confident this novel will be complete sometime this fall.