The One with All the Waffles

Progress Update: I’ve completed a third poem and have submitted work to eleven literary journals for consideration.

I am ridiculously proud of the new poem I completed. I wrote it with Lee Busby‘s voice in my head, and I hope to have him read it at the Spring 2017 session of River Pretty. It’s called “Thor at the Waffle House,” and is based on an actual event Pamela and I witnessed one morning when we were craving cheesy scrambled eggs. I had the idea for the poem while I was at River Pretty earlier this fall, and it just stuck in my head. I can’t wait to share it!

For the record, Waffle House has the best cheesy scrambled eggs — and in my experience the people-watching is particularly high quality.


This also means I have three completed poems that are worth submitting to journals, so it may be time to start sending those out. The funny part is, I have no idea how to do so. I guess I’ll Google around a bit and see what I can find on proper formatting, etc. From some preliminary searches on Duotrope, there are a LOT of journals accepting poetry or publishing only poetry. I suppose I’ll do what I’ve done with fiction: Put together a list of those in my personal top tier and work my way down the list as I get rejections.

…and I fully expect lots and lots of rejections, as always.

Speaking of rejections, I’ve started submitting my work again! One of my current stated goals was to get back in the game and submit to ten journals by the end of the year. I’m pleased to report I’ve submitted to eleven.


Not THAT Eleven!

I’ve submitted five different pieces across eleven journals. It feels really good to have my list decently full again. I’m planning to add some more when I have time. Just like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play, right?

I shared this on Facebook a few weeks ago, but also wanted to share it here:

I decided to run some numbers, and these are my stats (before these eleven submissions) over the almost 5 years since I began tracking using Duotrope in January 2012:

Total submissions: 213
Form Rejections: 166 (78%)
Higher tier/Personal Rejections: 26 (12%)
Self-withdrawn for various reasons: 13 (6%)
Acceptances: 8 (4%)

Median response time: 89 days
Shortest response time: 1 day rejection
Longest response time: 436 day rejection

It really is a long game, submitting to journals…and I haven’t even dipped my toe in submitting to agents yet. I like to think my history of journal rejections will act as a sort of inoculation against disappointment when the time comes to send out Gray Spirits to agents.


Speaking of the novel, I haven’t done any more on it at the moment, but I’m not stressing over it. It’ll come. I have faith. Despairing is the one thing that will shut me down creatively faster than flipping a light switch. So instead I’m focusing on the writing wins I’ve accomplished, while not forgetting the overall goal or giving up.

On a personal note, I’ve temporarily left Facebook, but haven’t suspended my account or anything. If you want to get in touch, you can still message me on there, as I kept messenger on my phone. Otherwise, I’m still on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Litsy. I’ll be back at some point, maybe. I’m really trying to stop spending my day taking in all the negativity of the world via my phone screen. It hit the point where I would put my phone away because I was bored, then instantly take my phone back out because I was bored.

I need some time to breathe, and just….be.


(This relaxing waffle moment is proof the internet has a gif for every need.)