How to Listen to a Rambling Second Person Reading by a Fellow Writer at River Pretty

First, realize you are you. This will take you by surprise, since in second person you naturally expect “you” to actually mean me, or a totally separate character created subtly throughout the piece. Take a moment to wonder why you’re here, listening to me in the first place.

You want to write, you love the idea of ideas impregnating the page through ink drying on paper. Sometimes the words flow, sometimes they don’t, but you trudge on anyway, your fingers skipping frantically over the keys or waltzing a pen across the page like Fred Astaire, tenderly embracing a candy-red dirt devil. Laugh if you remember the commercial that refers to. If not, smile anyway, because you’re kind, and know I’m bound to be somewhat nervous.

Look at the rafters for no discernible reason.