Jackdaw Splits

I think I pissed off the Jackdaw today.  See, I wanted his pudding so I took it.  I just sauntered over and took it like he was nothing. He looked pissed, but I knew he wasn’t going to do anything with old Rimdale sitting there, his nightstick just looking for an excuse.  Man, I’d pay to see that.  Rimdale’s one mean S.O.B. behind that calm exterior.  Rumor has it he’s a psycho under all that silence.  I heard some guy killed his wife and kid and he took it out on a con up at Longbrook back when he was a guard there.  Someone said that’s why he’s down here now;  If he loses it again, he won’t have far to go to climb into a cozy cell.  There’re plenty of them here.  Cells, that is.  Not all of them are real, in a place like this.  Doctor H. says some people have cells in their mind, and they just don’t want to let things out.  You know what I think?  I think Doctor H. always smells like onions and I don’t know why.

A while back, I stepped into traffic, making my mind blank as I could, like I was just out for a stroll, and then bam!  It was a BMW.  I know because as everything slowed I saw the blue and white hood ornament.  I remember flying up into the air, and coming down under the wheels of a blue blur in the next lane. Maybe it was two lanes over, I don‘t remember.  It’s all pretty hazy when I’m lying there bleeding. I could feel it all ending, and then came the big experience. The one way ticket to the angel ranch, man.  It was beautiful.

Then like usual, I came out of it, and I was standing on the curb like any other loser with nowhere to go on a Tuesday afternoon.  A little girl standing nearby was eating ice cream while her mom looked at a display of sidewalk jewelry.  She didn’t understand, couldn’t see what had just happened, and it brought me down. That annoyed me, so I took her ice cream and ran. I felt better about myself after that.