The Memory Thieves:
Black Hill Press Interview



Click play above to listen to my interview with Jon-Barrett Ingels on “The How and the Why,” the official podcast of Black Hill Press.

I was invited to be interviewed after my novella, “The Memory Thieves” made it into the top 12 in the Summer Writing Project, a collaboration between Jukepop and Black Hill Press. The top twelve were chosen based on the total readers and reader retention, and I was fortunate enough to continue on to be in the top 6. The good folks at Black Hill Press haven’t publicly announced the winners yet, but whatever the outcome I’m pleased to have taken part!

I believe when this was recorded I had just posted Chapter 9, and just had one more to go.

The interview was over the phone, and anyone that knows me will tell you I hate talking on the phone. It always makes me nervous, though I’m not entirely sure why. As a result I was pretty quiet, so I’ve gone through and amplified the audio where I’m speaking to get it closer to Jon-Barrett’s volume. I tell you this just to make it clear any volume-related oddities are entirely my fault!

If you’d like to hear the entire podcast, which also included an interview with  fellow Summer Writing Contest and Jukepop author Brian Guthrie, the whole podcast is available on the Black Hill Press website.

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